Gothic Nightstand Ideas For Your Dark Guestroom

To enhance the beauty and charm of a bedroom, a traditional gothic nightstand provides elegance and functionality. A gothic or traditional nightstand is constructed out of wood, such as Birch Plywood, Red Oak, Walnut, Ipswich Pine or Dark Mahogany. They typically feature one to three drawers with metal roller glides. Gothic nightstands typically have either brass or antique handles. Some nightstands have extra space between the drawers and the tabletop for books, picture, chinaware or trinkets.

Nightstand Height

Before purchasing a nightstand, consider matching it with the bed. A low profile bed needs a low nightstand whereas a tall bed requires a tall nightstand. Your nightstand height should be within a few inches of your bed level.

Nightstand Color

The finish and color of the nightstand will have a big impact to your bedrooms esthetics and design appeal. Before selecting a nightstand, keep in mind the color palette rule of thumb. Dark colors absorb light while light colors reflect it. For example, a black walnut nightstand will complement a bright room, whereas a maple or cherry nightstand will add brightness to a dark bedroom.

Nightstand Styles

There are a number of gothic nightstand styles to choose from. A traditional piece will have intricate detailing while a rustic design will display natural finishes that show the beautiful imperfections of the wood.

A Few Tips

Purchase the nightstands as part of a bedroom set. A complete furniture set lets you take complete advantage of your bedroom appeal and design. If you are going to mix and match, it’s a good idea to get a pair of nightstands.

Keep it simple, your nightstand is the most useful when it’s not cluttered. Consider decorating it with plants, an ascent piece such as a vase or pictures. Or, use your nightstand to display a beautiful table lamp.