Government Incentives for Owners of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and scooters have become very popular because they offer a cheaper way of getting around. They are also environmentally friendly, which means you can save money and look after the environment at the same time.

These vehicles have traditionally been very expensive, however the latest tax incentives are making them much more affordable. Modern electric vehicles are also much more reliable and are also getting more efficient with respect to accelaration.

Win-Win Situation

Electric motorcycles are a win-win situation because they are a much cheaper mode of transport without polluting the environment. There are also a number of incentives which apply to electric vehicles and in particular electric motorbikes.

Electric motorcycles are also a wonderful way of zipping around the city without having to worry about soaring gas prices. You just need to hook it up to charge when you get back home at night. Modern batteries are capable of keeping huge amounts of power stored for long periods of time. This makes it possible to go for long distances without needing to recharge.

Many cities are also receiving electrical vehicle charging stations which means they will be just as convenient to use as gasoline-powered cars and motorbikes. They may not have the same throaty growl, but they are cleaner and much kinder to the environment.

Government Incentives

Electric vehicles are very kind to the environment and many governments have supported their development and use. Certain governments are starting to offer a number of incentives and tax credits to people who own electric vehicles. These tax deductions make the electric vehicles even more attractive.

In the latest Economic and Reinvestment Act (2009), the government increased the incentives for purchasing these types of electric vehicles. In 2010 there will be incentives for plug-in and hybrid cars.

Motorcycle Incentives

Although the incentives for other electric vehicles starts in 2010, the incentives for much smaller vehicles start immediately. Anyone buying an electric motorcycle will benefit from tax deductions and tax credits.

Whether or not you apply to receive the incentives will depend on the capacity of the batteries being used. A 2- or 3-wheeled electric vehicle must have at least 2.5 kilowatt batteries on board. The tax credit is worth 10% of the purchase price of the bike, or up to $2,500.00 as long as the motorcycle is purchased before the end of 2011.

Purpose of Government Assistance

The government has introduced these incentives for 2 main reasons. The most important reason is to try and provide some form of stimulus to the economy. By giving people tax credits they are stimulating the economy and making it much more likely for people to purchase these motorcycles.

The government is also hoping to switch people onto more environmentally-friendly, green vehicles rather than offering the same sort of incentive right across the board. These tax incentives won't last forever and are currently only expected to last until December 2011.