Granite Paint: Adding Your Own Granite Crystals

For a beautiful finish to add to a project or to an old piece, why not use granite paint? There are several different brands out there that provide a beautiful finish and with the real granite flakes you add into the paint you can actually have a finish that looks like real granite. These also come in a kit that has everything you need to create a granite counter top that looks like genuine granite.

How to Apply

  • Granite paint has to go on really thick. If you put it on thin, it will smear and may not produce the desired effect. A base coat must first be applied.

  • After you have taped off all the areas you do not want painted, cover the surface to be painted with the base coat using a roller.
  • Next, using a small roller, thickly roll on the granite paint to cover the area.
  • Finally mix the flakes of granite into the topcoat that is provided in the kit. Be sure to mix thoroughly using a stir stick; you don't want the flakes clumping together.
  • Apply the topcoat using a brush. When paint dries you should have a soft shiny glittering granite finish.