Granite: Repair or Replace?

hands measuring frame on granite countertop

When there are cracks in the granite or even small chips of granite coming off, granite repair is possible. Either due to long use or due to accidental hits, damage can occur to granite slabs, tiles and counter tops. Granite repairs can be easily done without the need to call for a stone worker.

Granite Repair

Use epoxy resin or a polyester resin for the best repair of your granite surfaces. Polyester resin dries faster than the epoxy and is easier to use epoxy, though both are effective when used properly. Before using epoxy resin, the granite slab or counter top or tile has to be cleaned with soap water. It has to be dried well so there is no dampness in the area of repair.

After mixing the epoxy with the hardener, it can be applied to the cracked or chipped granite stone. The glue has to be smoothed using a flat scraper such as tongue depressor; while excess epoxy can be removed using a razor blade or window scraper. The epoxy should be allowed to dry completely. If the whole area is covered with a sealer, it would help in restoring shine at the same time be protected.

Granite Replacement

If the granite cracks or damage is large enough, granite sanding and re-polishing kit may be tried after estimation whether it is really worth the cost, as it is expensive. Usually badly damaged or cracked granite stones need to be replaced rather than opting repair.