Grass Ground Cover: Bunny Tails and Fountain Grass

Fountain grass
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

To some, grass ground cover has a simple purpose. Grass seed is planted to cover the dirt. Everyone knows a lawn covered with grass looks better, and gives off a better impression of the area. Some will want more out of their ground cover. Some people want to do more with the grass. Simply covering a large area with one type of grass, at one height, doesn’t cut it.

Fortunately, there are ways to be more creative with your grass ground cover. Bunny tails and fountain grass are two names for a type of grass you can use to mix up your ground cover. By planting this type of grass, you are adding depth and texture to your lawn.

1. The Names

Bunny tails have multiple names they go by. This type of ground cover is known as bunny tails, red bunny tails, or as fountain grass. The actual botanical name of the plant is Pennisetum Messiacum. This name will help you to find care tips online, and to find the ground cover in stores. While the common names may change, the botanical name will stay the same across carriers and gardens.

2. The Details

fountain grass

Red bunny tails are a great type of grass ground cover for your yard. They have been given the name “bunny tails” because the flowers actually look like the tail of a rabbit. The flowers are a deep red, almost considered a red-black. The rest of the plant has the usual green leaves, but features red highlights throughout. The plant can grow at a decent rate, and will eventually get up to two feet high. One single plant can manage to grow up to 3 1/2 feet wide, making it a great ground cover plant.

3. Care

Caring for the red bunny tail plant is fairly simple. The plant is an annual, meaning it will continue to grow year after year. To care for it, you simply must make sure it gets enough sunlight. The plant needs to be able to have full sun rays to ground cover properly.

Watering is key, as the plant needs adequate water to grow both up, but out as well. Other than the usual sun and water, these plants must be taken care of diligently to combat any spots or damage. Just like other plants, bugs and chemical issues can damage or ruin the plant.

Planting red bunny tails for grass ground cover could be a great way to add an interesting element to your grounds. These tails will add color, texture, depth, and height to an otherwise plain setting. Plant this ground cover plant along with other types to create a unique and beautiful setting. While plants may take a little more work than your usual grass, the benefits outweigh the cost, both physically and monetarily.