Great Hinge and Pintle Options for Custom Storm Shutters

If you want to get the best from your customized storm shutters, then you could look at the range of hinge and pintle options which will suit your shutters. A hinge and pintle arrangement involves a bracket section, onto which a pintle, rather like a bolt, is inserted. You could have this design fitted to your customized storm shutters, rather than a basic hinge design, in order to get more movement into your shutters. You can choose a range of different designs for the hinge and pintle, depending upon the design and arrangement of the rest of your home. The hinge and pintle arrangement will depend very much upon what you have chosen for your custom design, whether that is the traditional Queen Anne Style shutters, which will need a suitable sort of hinge and pintle to compliment it, or if you are looking for something more dynamic and modern.

Traditional Sets

You might choose to have a traditional set of hinge and pintle fixtures for your storm shutters. You could expect these to be made out of a solid metal such as aluminum or iron. They will usually be cast in a way that reflects their traditional form, so you could look for a set which have ornate metal work on them. Most traditional pintles will work with a gudgeon, which allows the pintle to turn around on the axis. If you want something which looks very decorative, but is not as complicated as the pintle and gudgeon type of installment, then you might try a strap hinge with pintle ends, allowing the pintle to be fitted into an anchor point on the shutters themselves. This will allow the shutters to be taken on and off the windows by simply lifting the pintle off of the attachment.

Modern Sets

Modern sets can also be made out of iron, but you can also find other styles and colors which look better with a modern theme. For example, you might find ones made with longer straps, which can support a heavier door. If you have large storm shutters, then you will need a larger pintle and hinge to support it. On the other hand, you may choose to make your storm shutter hinges yourself from pieces of wood. A hand-carved wooden pintle and hinge can help to keep the storm doors closed without forcing you to splash out on iron fittings. These might not be as durable as metal hinges, and need to be examined every year, but by working the pintle with a butterfly hinge, you can get a stronger fitting to your shutters. One alternative to the strap hinge is the New York Style hinge, which are shaped into right-angles. With this, you need to consider different amounts of offset, so that you might get a pintle with an offset of 2 1/2 inches. These are as sturdy as Strap hinges, but add a more modern feel to the shutters.