Great Lunch Recipes for a Valentine's Day Date

Are you planning on whipping a special lunch for your Valentine’s Day date with your special someone? You two will have a grand time with these luscious dishes that are also easy to cook and prepare. Here are some recipes perfect for the day of hearts.

Heart Pizza

The ingredients that you will need for the heart pizza include 3 cups bread flour; 1 envelope active dry yeast; 1 1/4 cups warm water; 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided in mini bowls; 3 tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped; 1 can pizza sauce; 4 cups mozzarella cheese, shredded; pepperoni; ham; sausage; and bell pepper strips. Put bread flour, yeast, water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a bread machine pan. Set to proper dough setting and then press start. After the dough is finished, knead the chopped rosemary into the dough. Preheat the oven to 200 degree Celsius. Divide the dough equally into 3 parts and then shape each portion into a heart shape that measures around ½ inch in thickness. Coat the top layer of the dough with olive oil before spreading a layer of pizza sauce. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese then top it with slices of pepperoni, ham, and sausage, and bell pepper strips. Bake it in the oven for 20 minutes or until the crust has turned golden brown.

Steamed Mussels with Tomato Sauce

Gather these ingredients to make this luscious seafood meal. You’ll need 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil; 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic; 6 ripe tomatoes, chopped coarsely; 1 cup dry white wine; ½ kilograms mussels cleaned, scrubbed, and debearded; 2 teaspoons chopped parsley; and mozzarella cheese. Place a steamer on top of a wide pan with water. Set the stove to low heat. Put the mussels on the steamer and don’t bring out until they’ve opened up slightly. Those that did not open up should be discarded as these are not fresh anymore. In a separate pan, sautee garlic in olive oil. Add the tomatoes and let it simmer for about 2 to 3 minutes on low heat. Pour in the white wine. Put the mussels on a microwavable serving dish. Pour the sauce over the mussels. Grate mozzarella cheese on the mussels. Put the dish into the microwave to melt the cheese. Garnish the dish with chopped parsley.

Candy Hearts

For the dessert, you can make candy hearts. You’ll need a heart-shaped candy mold, cocoa colored candy melts, scissors, craft brush, spoon, and wax paper. Put the candy melts in a pan. Heat it on top of the stove for about a minute or until the candies have melted. Layout the candy molds on a wax paper lined baking pan. Pour melted candy onto the molds. Place inside the refrigerator for 2-3 hours or until the candies have hardened. Decorate using a craft brush and food coloring. You can paint dots, stripes, or any other design on the candies.

Don’t forget to add special touch to the Valentine’s Day lunch by giving your beau a gift he or she will cherish forever.