Great Patterns for Curtain Valances

Using great designs for curtain valances adds beauty and uniqueness to a home décor There are many patterns, ideas and pictures that can be used to achieve a quality finish. One can decide to select a pattern depending on its weight, texture, color, and how it complements décor theme that is already established in the home.

Details and Design

Patterns vary in details which commonly depend on the level of skill that was used. Some designs require more time to complete than others. For basic and classic designs, one can look out for patterns that have a few curves and very little details. They work beautifully when making elegant curtain valances. Because the patterns are minimal, they can work as great décor for rooms that have a lot of ideas going on. The effect helps to create a balance in a theme.


The type of color on the patterns can be used to add to the style in the room or to play it down. It is therefore important to consider the color of a curtain valance carefully. Be sure to pay attention to colors used to create the patterns as well.

The color on the patterns should be of the same hue palette as the walls around it. This allows one to have the same design and theme represented throughout the room. It helps to avoid color clashing and creating too much contrast in a theme.

Heavy and Light Patterns

It is advisable to consider the design of the windows found in the home when selecting patterns for a curtain valance. Lightweight fabrics with light patterns are a great addition on windows found in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. This type of fabric helps to let in more light.

Dark colored patterns on heavy fabrics can be used in bedrooms, libraries and other rooms that need a great deal of privacy. This type of fabric and patterns is ideal for such environments.

Modern and Contemporary Patterns

One can choose certain colors on patterns to achieve a modern or contemporary style. Find a curtain valance that has patterns with a color theme such as beige and maroon to get a modern and classy look in the home. Patterns that have brown, gray and hand rust colors can be used to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in a room.

Patterns for All Seasons

Curtain valances with darker shades of blue, brown and red can be selected for high traffic areas in a home. Kitchens and dining rooms can work well with such shades. One of the benefits of using these types of patterns is that they require less cleaning and maintenance. Dark colored patterns are able to withstand dust as well.

It is important to always select patterns on curtain valances that complement the overall theme of the house or a given room. They should be able to merge with other décor items without creating any kind of contrast.

Be sure to select rods and other window treatments that complement a particular curtain valance. To make them look attractive, check that fit comfortably on a curtain rod.