Green Shoes: Recycle Your Old Pair

If you’re looking to turn your old pair of sneakers or pumps into environmentally friendly, green shoes, look no further. Your old shoes don’t need to be tossed away like trash once you’ve used them up.

Recycling Programs

There are many recycling programs out there for all types of shoes. Nike has a program that recycles used sneakers by compressing them down and making tennis balls and other athletic supplies out of the raw materials of sneakers. There are also dozens of programs out there that donate used shoes and sneakers to the needy in foreign countries.  If you can’t find a program for your shoes, organizations like Planet Aid and the Salvation Army take any type of shoe.

Replacing old shoes

There are several companies that produce shoes of recycled materials, making it easy to buy environmentally friendly shoes. For instance, Ked’s Green Label Shoes are made of 100% recycled materials.

Unconventional Uses

If you love your shoes too much to part with, boots and other taller shoes, can be converted into nice planters or garden sculptures for flowers. Eventually, the plant will take over the shoe and you will have a beautiful planter in your yard.