Greenhouse Plants

There are several different kinds of greenhouse plants. Not all greenhouse plants will grow in the same greenhouse for the simple fact that they don’t all grow in the same climate. To decide how you should set the climate of your greenhouse you should start by picking out plants you would like to grown in the greenhouse. The biggest problem with planting multiple types of plants is their heat limit. You have to buy plants that are all in the same “heat zone” this means plants that can grow perfectly in about the same heat.

A general rule of thumb for greenhouse plants is to set your minimum temperature to be 50° F at night. The sun and warmer temperature of the day is going to require some ventilation so that the plants don’t over heat. Remember that greenhouse plants are a balancing act you have to find the right plants that grow in the same temperature.

Protecting Your Greenhouse Plants

Greenhouse plants are very susceptible to changes in the surrounding environment in some cases plants can’t handle the 100° F it becomes because of solar radiation. It’s always a good thing to have a summer configuration to allow the excess heat out.