Greenhouse Watering by Hand: 4 Supplies

When you set out to to do your greenhouse watering there are several ways you can go about it depending on your layout and types of plants. Taking of your plants in your greenhouse does not have to be expensive or difficult to do. This article will go over some basic greenhouse watering supplies that should always be in your gardening arsenal.

Watering Cans

Watering cans are ones of the most used and easiest methods of greenhouse watering. Their simple design makes them very easy to store as well as to use. These sprinkler cans come in all shapes and size so choose them with the size of your greenhouse in mind. Remember to not use salted water as the cans are only meant to water the plants from above and not at the roots. If you have specific plants that need a certain type of nutrient, you can use multiple watering cans which are labeled. You can purchase watering cans that are either plastic or metal, which means when you are done with them you can use them as flower pots.

Sprayers and Misters

Unlike watering cans, a sprayer or mister can be equipped with water-flow controls. This feature alone is worth the investment in a unit. There are two types of units: one is manual and the other has to be plugged in. The manual sprayer involves you creating suction then pulling a trigger to let the water cascade over the plants. The other type runs on an electric pump. Both types of units are small and fairly inexpensive as well as easy to use.

Garden Hoses and Nozzles

Depending on the plants (and size of your greenhouse) you may only need to use a simple garden hose. You do not even need to have a nozzle attached to the hose if you do not have to control the flow. If, however, you need to be careful about the flow of water, you can screw on a garden hose nozzle. These nozzles are cheap and there are many kinds that you can choose from depending on your needs. You can purchase a garden hose nozzle that can convert the flow of water into a mist, hard spray or stream. This is usually the most economical greenhouse watering supply you can purchase especially if you are new to the world of gardening.

Spray Bottles

A spray bottle is most likely the simplest way to water your plants in a greenhouse situation. You can create a strong stream of water aimed directly at the dirt in the pots or create a fine mist to gently spray the leaves. The greatest thing about these bottles is that they can be bought for very little money and in various colors. You can easily color code your nutrient-rich water or write the name of the flowers that the bottle should be specifically used for. This is especially useful when you have simple touch up watering to do for plants that may require more attention than others in your greenhouse.