Automatic Gate Access Controls

Most consumers can relate to the convenience of an electric garage door opener. A gate operator can provide the same type of convenience and added security. Keep in mind that a system that is exposed to weather conditions is much more expensive to build than one that operates from inside your garage. But for many, the convenience makes the investment well worth it.

The muscle behind access control

Combine gate operators with one or more control devices and you create an access control system. Basically, this is an electric or hydraulic motor that opens and closes your gate. It's activated by a signal generated from a device, such as a telephone entry system or a radio control similar to that used by garage door openers.

  • Those who purchase ornamental fencing and gates to enhance the beauty of their property typically purchase an access control system for convenience.
  • Those who purchase ornamental fencing and gates to secure the perimeter of their property purchase an access control system to enhance their security system.

Making a great entrance a lot more convenient

The full aesthetic appeal of your ornamental fencing includes the entrance gate itself. But that gate becomes a lot less appealing when you have to get out of your car every time you want to open it - especially at night or in poor weather. With an access control system, on the other hand, as you approach the gate, you simply press a button on the control box in your car (just like the one you use to open your garage door). In seconds, the gates open for you automatically.

The security system outside your security system

Home security systems do certain things very well. They deter criminals from entering your house and they detect criminals if they do get in. But preventing the criminal from ever gaining access to your property would be even better. That's where an access control system can serve as a deterrent to criminals trying to breach the property's perimeter. The closer an intruder gets to the house, the closer they can get to you. It makes a lot more sense to stop them at the gate.

The reception your guests deserve

Access control systems can be designed with many options. A simple telephone entry system can tie directly to your existing telephone line. This lets visitors ring the telephones in your house by pressing a call button on the unit at the gate. The person inside the house can then answer the phone and open the gate by pressing the proper number on the telephone keypad.

No power doesn't mean no access

A power failure need not leave you stranded. Many manufacturers offer low-cost battery backup systems. Some will open the gate and leave it open until the power is restored. Others will allow a basic system to remain in operation.

Even remote locking is within your reach

Most gate operators include locking in their systems. Some may require you to request how locking should be accomplished. Make sure the system you choose meets your operational requirements.

There's more than one way to operate a system

A wide variety of accessories can be used with an access control system. There is everything from simple push-button operation to a sophisticated telephone entry system. Investigate the options available on the systems you're considering to be certain you get the one that's best suited to your needs.

A new standard worth looking for

Early in the year 2000, a new set of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) regulations were passed that govern how gate operator systems should function under certain conditions. These new standards are an attempt to prevent accidental injuries caused by mechanically operated gates. These regulations became effective in March of 2000, and it's strongly suggested that you only use gate operator systems that have passed the UL testing and carry the "UL Approved" sticker or the approval sticker of an independent government approved, testing laboratory.

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