Grey Water Recycling System: Wiring the Control Circuit and Pump

Grey water recycling is a great way of saving precious water and protecting the environment from environmental degradation. Grey water means the water that comes out of your house the water that is drained after use. It does not extremely dirty, toxic, or sewage water. The water that is drained out after washing clothes, taking shower, cleaning household appliances and other similar things, can be recycled and re-used. This requires a recycling unit that you can install in your house on your own and prevent wastage of water.

Various Grey Water Recycling System

  • The water that comes out from the washing machine after washing your cloths can be recycled and used for various purposes. You can connect the washing machine drain pipe with a recycling unit and use the water for gardening or other such things.
  • Water that is drained out after taking a shower can be recycled properly and used for flushing toilet. Automatic grey water recycling unit can be connected with the drainage line through which the water flows out after taking a shower. This water will be recycled and transferred to the flush of the toilet.


For building your own grey water recycling system you need few simple things like: pump, PVC pipes, cap screw, storage tank, foam filter, insulated copper wire and few other things for fitting and installing the system.


You have to connect the pipes to the pump and make an arrangement for overflow. The drained grey water is first stored in barrels and with this the pump is connected. The pump supplies the recycled grey water to the toilet. Next a cut-off switch must be made. For this you need magnets, bull cock and a reed switch. This cut-off switch works according to the water level. This switch is then connected with a power source and it determines when the pump will be powered and when the pump turns off. The bull cock pulls the switch when the water level is high and as a result the pump turns off.


From bottom of the storage tank a pipe line is connected to the toilet. A small copper pipe is connected with the collector unit and it has a one way valve attached with it. When the pump is off, this helps to keep the water in the pipe line and avoids a backflow. Then a control box is made. The control box consists of two relays. One is connected with the loft tank switch and the other one is wired to the switch of the collection tube. The first relay is wired in such a manner so that it is normally open while the second is closed normally. These two relays manage when and where the water will go. They switch on the pump and cuts down the power, depending on the status of the system.


Insulated copper wires must be connected from the reed switches to the control box. Generally the control box is mounted on some wall and similarly wires must be connected from the control box, to the pump. After connecting check the system once.