Grow a Healthy Hedgehog Cactus


The blooms of the Hedgehog cactus are beautiful and appear only as spiny knobs on the stems during the day, then bloom in full color as the night approaches. This display of color can be difficult to achieve with any other blooming plant.


Plant the Hedgehog cactus in the spring or fall in full sun. This type of cactus does not respond well to compacted soil that doesn't drain well, or soil that is too fertile. In fact, this cactus plant thrives in rocky or gravelly soil.

To plant, remove the cactus from the container and place in a dry and shady location to dry out the roots. Let the plant sit and dry for about a week. Letting the plant rest allows any tears in the roots to heal, and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Dig a hole two to three times as wide as the plant and just as deep, placing the cactus in level with the soil line. Use material scraps of your choosing to handle the plant without hurting your hands, and pat down the soil to remove air pockets.


Water immediately after planting and then continue to water once a month for maintenance.