Grow a Pine Tree From a Pine Cone

small pine tree seedling growing next to pinecone

Nature has an organic way of reproducing and transporting the seeds of pine trees is no exception to this rule. Pines give way to pine cones, which resemble the pine tree itself and contain seeds for growing mature trees.

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To grow a conifer tree from a pine cone, you will simply cultivate the pine cone as if it were a bulb or large seed. Bury it in the soil, water it, make sure the soil stays warm, and wait for germination. Some gardeners may think it necessary to fertilize at the pre-germination stage, but in general, as long as the soil is comfortable it isn’t required.

Once the seeds within the pine cone germinate, you can either transplant your infant tree or you can start caring for it. It’s time to give it a permanent home when you start seeing whorls of pine needles start growing in bundles. This tells you that the pine needles are ready to photosynthesize. If you like the spot in which you buried your pine cone, it may be necessary to build a sun shelter for your little conifer in order to protect it from sunburn. Even though pine trees like full sun when they’re older, they are highly susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun and can dehydrate and die from the sheer heat.

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