Growing A Coneflower From Seeds

If planted correctly, growing coneflower from seeds results in a beautiful blossoming flowers. Also know as the herb, echinacea, coneflower is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. To ensure your coneflower seeds thrive efficiently you need to follow proper care instructions.

Step 1: Plant in Hot Climate

Coneflowers tend to thrive in warm and even hot climates. It is best to plant the seeds in a sunny area where they can benefit from the warmth of the sun. Although they enjoy sunlight, they can grow in partial shade as well.

Step 2: Plant Outdoors

Coneflower seeds are able to thrive in many different types of soil, including dry soils. However, coneflower seeds will not do as well in damp soil or clay. Make sure that the soil provides good drainage for the plant and is not always moist. The soil can be moderately fertilized for the seeds to grow. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep in the soil in the fall.

Step 3: Plant Indoors

If you are planting the coneflower seeds inside you will need to plant them in the winter or early spring. The seeds need to be planted ¼-inch deep in soil that can drain well. Keep the plant in a cool area that is able to either get a lot of sunlight or other light provided by lamps.

Make sure that you water the soil often to have it remain moist until the seeds have grown a few inches. Once there is no threat of frost you are able to bring the plants outside. You can begin by allowing the flowers to stay outside for a good amount of time each day until you are able to plant them in a sunny location.

Step 4: Watering the Seeds

You need to make sure that you water the soil to help the seeds grow into a plant. Once these seedlings have grown into adult plants and have bloomed, you are able to water less often. The adult plants thrive better with less water than they had when they were only seeds. The roots do not have to be wet at all times because the plant prefers better drainage.

Step 5: Propagated by Root Division

To propagate properly divide the plants and roots into separate plants. Once the flowers are in full bloom and are adult flowers you can dig up the plants in the spring and divide the roots and plants.

Coneflower are beautiful, hardy plants that are used to produce a herbal supplement called echinacea. These flowers are great for any any garden, especially if you are looking to have flowers that are not high maintenance.