Growing a Lemon Tree in a Container

A lemon tree grows and flourishes indoors and outdoors. It can be planted and grown in a container indoors. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener or horticulturist to grow a lemon tree. The pleasant lemon aroma will permeate your home and provide a refreshing experience.

Basic Requirements

To begin with, you need a large container with enough for soil and water drainage. For example, a large clay pot with a hole for drainage, placed within a brass planter, will provide not only a suitable place for growing the lemon tree, but also provide an interesting foil for the interior décor of your home.

Lemon trees grow well in soil with good drainage, peat moss and little acidic content. The ambient temperature should be in the 55-70 degree range and exposure to light is a must. You will need to place your tree in an area where there is ample sunlight. Also, rotate the tree outdoors frequently to help with the flowering.

Lemon Tree Varieties
Lemon trees can be grown to standard size or dwarf size, the latter being most suitable for indoor growth. There are different varieties of trees:

  • True lemons: India, the Mediterranean region and America
  • Eureka: California
  • Lisbon: Australia
  • Bearss and Avon: Sub-varieties of Lisbon and Eureka lemons, California
  • Meyer: Not a true lemon and is usually used as a substitute, south of Texas
  • Villafranca: Sicily, the European mainland and Florida in the US
  • Dorshapo: Mediterranean and Latin American regions.

Planting and Growth Process

1. Fill the chosen container with the required soil up to three-quarters of the container, place the lemon plant and pack soil around the tree.

2. Add enough water to completely wet the soil and place the container in a bright spot.

3. Keep the plant and soil moist at all times during the growth phase.

4. Fertilize the tree three times a year with fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

5. Above all, ensure frequent exposure to sunlight or other strong light source.

The lemon tree begins flowering around the third year and bears fruit throughout the year. With proper care and following the instructions listed above, growing a lemon tree in a container is a simple and rewarding process.