Growing a Linden Tree from Seeds

Growing a linden tree from seeds can be done outdoors during the fall season. The linden tree is a shade tee that can reach to 60 feet in height. This tree is best planted in zones 3 to 8 and does not require a lot of intensive care once it reaches maturity. Seeds can be collected from the ground around an existing linden tree or purchased through a nursery.

Planting the Seeds

Linden tree seeds, which resemble small peas, fall from the tree before the winter season. Plant the seeds in October or November in well-drained soil supplemented with organic mulch. Pick a sunny location in your yard. Avoid growing the seeds indoors as the seeds require colder temperatures to germinate.

Watering Linden Tree Seeds

Water the seeds twice a week during the spring, then reduce watering to once a week. Saplings only require watering during droughts.

Caring for Linden Saplings

It is not necessary to prune a linden sapling. Mulch can be added to the young tree during the late fall season to add some protection to the roots for the winter season. Linden trees do not require fertilizer to grow well. A pesticide or fungicide may be applied to the tree if aphids or powdery mildew is spotted on the tree.