Growing and Taking Care of Cactus at Home

Growing a cactus indoors is perhaps the best way to learn how to garden and take care of plants. Since cacti are such hardy plants— needing very little water and infrequent fertilization— they can withstand a forgetful gardeners temporary abandonment. Not to mention, there are numerous varieties of cacti available on the market; some bearing edible fruits, others developing fluorescent flower blossoms.

Unlike many other species of plant, the cactus does not require weekly watering, frequent fertilization or annual pot changes. Instead, it is far less demanding; requiring no more than monthly watering and a little fertilizer every two months. As for re-potting, most species of cactus should be repotted every other year in a slightly larger container.

It is vital that your cactus be kept in a growing medium that is specifically designed to sustain cacti. A cactus soil mix will provide your cactus with the correct drainage and water storage capacity. Not to mention, cactus soil mix mimics the medium in which wild cactus would live.

Remember not to over water your cactus as you could cause an array of diseases and problems such as root rot. To avoid over watering, only water your cactus when the soil is dry at least 1 inch deep.