Growing Cactus: Pincushion Cacti


Growing cactus doesn't have to be a difficult task, especially if you decide to grow the pincushion cactus. This spiny variety of plant is tiny and round, and tends to grow naturally near boulders or in the grass. This cactus plant is also called the Arizona fishhook because of its long, black central spines that curve in the manner of a fishhook.

Growing and Maintenance

The pincushion cactus is fairly easy to grow and maintain. It requires full sun and bright light to grow properly, and must be drenched during watering, although you should allow the soil to dry completely between watering. The average home humidity should be perfect for growing the pincushion cactus indoors, with a cool to cold temperature. Use a high phosphorous fertilizer for the plant and a cactus potting mix. You can propagate the plant through division or by using seeds.

Tips and Trivia

Pincushion cacti are perfect for a table setting, to add a nice decorative touch. The care can be quite demanding for an indoor potted plant. The plant has many long, white spines, which provide a dense covering to protect the plant from the desert heat. It is found in nature from southern Arizona to west Texas.