Growing China Aster: Mistakes To Avoid

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China Aster is one of the more challenging flowering plants to grow, but if you care for it properly you will be rewarded with beautiful color in your garden. Keep the following in mind when growing these plants:


The China Aster needs sunlight, either full direct light or filtered sunlight. Planting in an area with a lot of shade will not work. This type of plant also needs to be watered when the soil is dry. The soil should remain moist, but not wet. Continued wet soil can cause a fungus that can damage the plant. A plant bed with good drainage should prevent these problems.

Dividing the Plant

The China Aster needs to be divided every few years to prevent overgrowth. This is easily done by digging up about half of the plant, separating this piece into two pieces and replanting. Staking may be needed as the plant grows until it has become established. As the flower buds start to develop, the extra weight can cause the stem to bend and break.

Starting from Seeds

If growing from seeds, it is best to sterilize the seeds before planting. Fresh seeding soil is best to prevent disease attacking the seeds while germinating. When transplanting the seedlings it is best to add sand and manure to the soil to prevent the soil from getting too hard and reduce the time needed for roots to grow and take hold.