Growing Double Impatiens In Five Steps

Double impatiens is an annual plant with a beautiful, full double bloom that is reminiscent of a rose. Double impatiens are easy to grow. Whether you are planting double impatiens from nursery stock, seeds or cuttings from your garden, follow these simple steps for satisfying results.

Step 1-Find the Right Place

Double impatiens will do well in bright, filtered light or light shade. Find a place in your garden that meets this requirement or, if you are planting in containers, plan to place containers on a patio that gets filtered sun or in the house next to a window. When finding the right place to put the plants, make sure you do not put double impatiens in direct afternoon direct sun or in complete shade. Hot, direct sun will wilt or dry out double impatiens and turn its leaves yellow. Too much shade will result in fewer blooms and leggy stems.

Step 2-Prepare your Place

If you are planting double impatiens in the garden, make sure the soil is clean and drains well. Good drainage is essential so that double impatiens does not get waterlogged. Also amend your soil by adding nutrients, if necessary. For plants in containers, use new potting soil from the garden center or homemade, sterile potting soil. Use new containers or containers that have been sterilized with bleach water.

Step 3-Planting

Plant double impatiens in the garden in the spring after the soil warms up. Plant them in the morning before the sun gets too hot, or after morning chill is gone. Dig a small hole about 1 to 2 inches deep and wide, depending on the size of the roots. Place the plant or rooted cutting carefully in the hole, fill in the hole with soil, and press down carefully around the plant. If you are planting seeds, sow them on top of the soil and gently press them down. Don't push them into the soil as they need light to germinate.

Step 4-Watering

Carefully water your plants or seeds. Add enough water to wet the soil thoroughly, but don't let the water pool on top. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. While plants are becoming established they may lean over with too much water. If that happens, simply press down on the soil around the plant to push the plant back into place.

Step 5-Maintenance

Prevent your plants from becoming leggy and unattractive by pinching off flowers after they have bloomed. This will promote more flowering and branching, as well as fuller, bushier plants. If your plants are already becoming too leggy, you may cut the stems back to encourage fuller growth and more blooms.

Fertilize your double impatiens with a balanced fertilizer. If your impatiens plants are in containers, fertilize them every 10 days or so. They will tend to lose nutrients due to regular watering. If your impatiens are in the garden, add a good, water-soluble fertilizer to the soil before planting.

By following these five simple steps, your double impatiens will grow to be a very attractive addition to your garden and will bloom for the entire season.