Growing Jade Plants in Containers

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What You'll Need
Container (preferably clay plant pot)
Soil and bone marrow or sphagnum
Watering can
A well-lit window sill

Jade plants are typically hardy, easy to grow, and attractive plants. It is not difficult to grow them anywhere, but they particularly like containers in dry and warm conditions, such as those found in the house. They make excellent houseplants and can be potted into containers to keep, or even to give to any plant-loving friends.

Step 1 - Find the Right Pot

An ideal container for jade plants is a clay pot. These types of containers absorb moisture and help the soil to dry out. Small clay pots should be put on windowsills then checked periodically to ensure that the plant is not getting too big for the pot.

Step 2 - Fill the Pot with Soil

jade plant in a pot

When growing jade plants, it is important to remember that they like a mixture of soil: 3/4 coarse soil or sand, and 1/4 sphagnum. This will provide the best growing conditions for the jade.

Porous soil that drains well is ideal for jade plants. When putting a jade plant into a container, a good plan is to line the inside of the pot with moss. Suitable mosses can be bought from garden centers.

  1. Mix the soil or sand and sphagnum together before pouring it into the container.
  2. Once the soil is in, make a small hole, the right size for the root ball of the jade plant
  3. Insert the plant carefully into the pot.

Step 3 - Grow the Jade

The jade plant likes plenty of water, but you should always allow the soil in the container to become slightly dry before watering again. The jade plant will usually need watering about once a week. As a rule of thumb, only water the jade when you can stick your finger into the soil, and not feel any wetness. While it likes a good, moist soil, if there is too much water, jade plants tend to rot.

Jade plants also like a lot of light. While they will put up with some measure of direct sunlight, they prefer a partial shade for most of the day. If you want your jade plants to flower, then they should be put in a south-facing window and given some direct sunlight. In addition, if the plant becomes stringy and long, taking on a misshapen appearance, then it could probably do with some more light.

Step 4 - Put the Jade Outside

a jade plant growing

During the summer months, it is a good idea to put the jade outside for a few hours each day. This will not only encourage flowering and proper growth, but it will also provide an attractive container plant for your garden. During the summer, it is a good idea to add fertilizer to the jade plants.

Step 5 - Get the Temperature Right

Temperature wise, the jade likes warmish areas, between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, they can manage on lower temperatures, so it is a good idea to move them away from radiators and air conditioners during these months. Providing the jade plants with cool temperatures can encourage a phenomenon known as winter flowering.