Growing Pixie Lilies in Your Garden

Pixie lilies are a dwarf lily that comes in several different colors including orange, yellow, cream and white. They can easily be grown in full sun or partial shade in your garden. These lilies are best suited for small gardens and borders. Grow pixie lilies in zones 4 to 9 for maximum blossoming results.

Planting Pixie Lily Bulbs

Add compost and manure to the soil before you plant the pixie lily bulbs. The best time of year to plant the bulbs is during the spring or fall seasons. Plant the bulbs in well drained soil 6 inches deep and cover them with the rich soil. The bulbs can be planted up to three in a group. Once they are planted, water the bulbs but do not over water them. Consistently damp soil will prevent the bulbs from blossoming.

Caring for Pixie Lilies

Right before the pixie lilies start to blossom, they can be fertilized using a fertilizer that contains phosphorus. You can apply a second round of fertilizer in the summer as the lilies continue to blossom. Pixie Lilies will also benefit from a layer of mulch during the first year they are planted. If you spot any aphids or other insects on the pixie lilies, spray on a pesticidal soap to eliminate them.