Guest Bathroom Decorating: Enhancing the Bath with Form and Function


A guest bathroom should be just as comfortable and accommodating as a guest bedroom. It should provide all of the comforts of home. A truly impressive guest bathroom must include luxuries as well as conveniences, and the walls should be decorated in stylish eye-catching ways. When decorating a guest bathroom, consider form as well as functionality. Usee the following creative ideas to get started on decorating a guest bathroom that is certain to impress. From stylish wall decor to functional high-tech faucets, give your guests the royal treatment they deserve.

Color Options

The guest bathroom should look like a stylish extension of the guest bedroom. That can be achieved with color. Consider the color of the bedroom and select the same color or a lighter shade of a coordinating hue. Alternately, a color that coordinates well with the guest bedroom can also be used successfully. For example, if the guest bedroom is carnation pink, consider painting the guest bathroom a few shades lighter than the same color, or select light foliage green for the bathroom walls. Add carnation pink accents to unify the rooms. If pink is not your style, consider combining light cinnamon with cornflower blue. Brown and blue are an excellent combination whether the bathroom is decked out with impressive glass tiles or low-cost linoleum. No matter your decorating budget, the color combinations and options for decorating a guest bathroom are virtually endless.

Try Color Options Before Making a Commitment

A very small paint sample can be deceiving, and what looks great in the store on a 1-inch sample might not look appealing when it's applied to guest bathroom walls. Buy a brand of paint that offers small inexpensive sample containers, and paint poster boards to get an idea of the true color in various levels of light at different times of the day and night. Place the dry samples next to flooring to decide if the colors go well in the room.

Stylish Storage Ideas

No matter how stylish and functional you want to make the guest bathroom - from simple and practical to high-tech and low-maintenance - you will find storage solutions to suit your needs as well as your decorating budget. For storage solutions that are stylish as well as practical, consider fabric lined basketry. Invest in floor shelving and high-quality woven baskets that fit the openings. They will provide guests with easy access to clean linens and other necessities, and the options can be located to match numerous decorating styles. Alternately, painted wooden boxes or eye-catching metal containers can be used for a more modern appearance, and they will serve the same purpose while adding style and functionality to the guest bathroom.

Impressive Wall Decor Ideas for Luxurious Candlelit Baths

Guests should be pampered with the very best, and the very best does not have to cost a small fortune when decorating a guest bathroom. When searching for impressive wall decor for decorating a guest bathroom, look into the many options of wall sconces. They add a touch of elegance and class to any appropriate space, and they create the ideal atmosphere for relaxing baths. Select a pair of stylish candle wall sconces when decorating a guest bathroom along with fragrant soy candles. Consider lavender or vanilla to create a relaxing fragrant atmosphere, and encourage guests to indulge. Candle wall sconces are available in dozens of styles in many price ranges, and they can be mounted in a number of clever and stylish ways.

When embellishing a guest bathroom with candle wall sconces, consider open space alongside the bathroom mirror, or create a focal point with wall art and candles. If the area next to mirrors is not spacious enough to hold sconces, select a work of art for a bare wall, and mount a pair of coordinating candle sconces on both sides. Candles naturally create a relaxing atmosphere. They are welcoming addition to just about any room.

Install High-Tech Faucets and Impressive Showerheads

A bathroom designed to impress includes stylish faucets and showerheads. If the guest bathroom fixtures are looking a little worse for wear, consider replacing them with the latest and greatest high-tech options. These days you will find faucets with the most up-to-date electronic gadgetry that offers touch-sensitivity as well as thermostatic valves that create streams of water of the perfect temperature and volume. Best of all, the settings can be saved to accommodate specific guest preferences.

Decorating With Wall Mirrors for Added Luxury and Style

An added mirror in a guest bathroom can bring more luxury and style to the room. It can also add the illusion of size if the space is smaller than desired. Select a large framed wall mirror and mount it on a bare guest bathroom wall. When searching for framed wall mirrors, you will discover far more than typical mirrors found in discount stores. Shop online and you will find everything from inexpensive traditional styles to elaborate options with crystal-encrusted frames. Mount a select mirror with the center just above eye level, and decorate around it with works of wall art that match the style and theme of the room.

Metal Wall Art for Guest Bathroom Style That Will Last

Some of the most impressive works of art are sculpted from metal. Metal wall art is an ideal choice when decorating a guest bathroom. Metal wall art is available in many different styles including nautical, southwestern, tropical, and many more. Options are available in all sizes and prices, and metal wall art can be used to create a focal point, or it can be used to accent a mirror or a large work of art. It is an excellent choice when decorating a guest bathroom because it will last indefinitely while lending three-dimensional appeal. Guests will be impressed with the attention given to decorating details, and the bathroom will look and feel even more luxurious than the most stylish bathroom in a fine hotel.

No matter your decorating budget, it is possible to add considerable style, function, and appeal when decorating your guest bathroom. Begin by decorating with color, add stylish storage space accessible to guests, and end with impressive wall decor and trendy home accents. An endless array of storage options and stylish works of wall decor are at your fingertips.

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