Guest Room Basics: Don't go Overboard with Memorabilia

When decorating your home's guest room, it is important not to go overboard with personal memorabilia. Adorning you guest room with too many family photos or heirlooms is liable to make certain guests feel uncomfortable and even unwelcome.

Alienating New Family Members

If you plan to host someone who will soon be married into your family or someone who has recently married into your family, overloading your guest room with family photos and assorted pieces of memorabilia stands to make them feel unwelcome. Chances are none of the photos will feature them and pieces of memorabilia will show them that your family has a rich history of which they were never a part. This can present a real problem, particularly if the person was already feeling out of place in your family.

Alienating Guests

Too much memorabilia is liable to alienate non-family members as well. Upon seeing a memorabilia-laden guest room, guests are liable to feel like they're staying in a museum as opposed to someone's house. Additionally, excessive amounts of guest room-based memorabilia may make your guests feel overly reserved and far less likely to take full advantage of all the comforts your home's guest room has to offer.