Guest Room Basics: Having Enough Drawer Space

If you frequently host overnight guests, it is important that your home's guest room has adequate drawer space. The amount of drawer space you will need is largely contingent upon the length of your guest's stay.

Small Dressers

If your typical guest only stays with you for a day or two, a small dresser with two  to three drawers should suit their needs perfectly. With few exceptions, these types of guests don't pack a lot of clothing and this kind of dresser will provide them adequate space in which to store their shirts, pants, socks and undergarments. In fact, if short-stay guests are the only type of guests to whom you play host, you may have no need for a guest room dresser, as they generally do not pack enough clothing to warrant using one.

Large Dressers

If your guests often stay with you for extended periods, it's a good idea to have a larger dresser in your guest room. A wardrobe or hutch works particularly well for an extended-stay guest. Having a large dresser is of particular import if you frequently host multiple guests or families for more than a few days. Also, if you often host large families, you may want to consider putting more than one wardrobe or hutch in your home's guest room.