Guest Room Ideas: Fresh Flowers

When it comes to helpful guest room ideas, fresh flowers can be a fantastic way to create a welcoming environment that makes your guests feel at home. Below are the best types of guest room flowers.


Lilies are an excellent flower for a guest room. Setting a vase of lilies atop one a dresser or nightstand is a great way to give the area a simple yet elegant feel. This type of flower meshes nicely with virtually any decor and emits a pleasant fragrance that is not overwhelming. Additionally, if your guest room features an attached bathroom, lilies tend to go well with tiled areas, so try placing  a vase on the countertop. In addition to looking nice, they can help mask any offensive odors that emanate from the bathroom.


Daisies are another good guest room idea. Placing them atop a dresser or nightstand can help give your home's guest room a very natural feel. Much like lilies, this type of flower is able to blend in with almost any design option. Unlike lilies, however, daisies are often regarded as a very feminine flower, so it is recommended that you use them when hosting female guests. While daisies carry a pleasant fragrance, it is not as potent as the smell of lilies.