How to Install Skirting on Your Mobile Home

mobile home
  • 8-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-100
What You'll Need
Vinyl skirting
Hammer with nails
Screwdriver with screws
Tin snips

After your mobile home is installed, you’ll need to install skirting to add a finishing touch. Skirting added to your RV or mobile home will help retain heat during the winter, add an extra dimension of storage, and improve the aesthetic of your home. This do-it-yourself project is fairly easy to complete following some simple instructions. Follow these step by step instructions to add skirting to your mobile home.

Buy a Skirting Kit

If you live in a mobile home park, ask your neighbors where they purchased the skirting for their homes. It's available at almost every home improvement center or local building supply store. The skirting usually comes in a kit with enough J-channel to completely surround your mobile home, accompanied by both solid and vented skirting pieces. The kit also contains U-channels to secure it to the ground and corner channels along with the necessary screws and long spikes needed to successfully install the skirting.

Install J-Channel

Secure the J-channel to the bottom edge of the building. Screw it directly into the building studs wherever possible.

Plumb the Corners

Make a mark at each building corner using a level or plumb bob to ensure each corner will be level.

String It

Place string from corner to corner to mark the placement of the bottom U-channel.

Level Surface

Use a shovel to level the area removing all debris. Use the shovel to also grade the area so water will drain away from the building.

Install U-Channel

Install the U-channel along the string line, securing it to the ground with long spikes.

Install Corner Channel

Select a corner where you will start and install a corner channel.

Measure Height

Take the measurement of the height between the U-channel and the J-channel. Add an additional .5-inches on each end panel that will be hidden.

Cut Panels

Once you have secured the measurement, cut a panel using the tin snips.

Snap the Panel

Now snap the panel into the J and U-channels. Repeat the process for other panels, remembering to place a vented panel after every two or three regular ones. Continue until the entire building is skirted.

Things to Remember

Don’t hesitate to either select or prepare to finish your skirting to enhance the look of your home and property. The vinyl skirting is available in different colors. Instead of vinyl, you may wish to use faux wood or faux stone as a substitute.

It is a good idea to install an access door somewhere along the skirting so that you can use the under space for storage. In some areas where the wind is a strong factor, a good idea would be to first construct a frame to provide better stability.