Gun Safety: Building a Pistol Rack

What You'll Need
Oak board, 3/4 inch thick
Table saw
Tack cloth

If you own a pistol collection, a pistol rack is the perfect way to keep it stored in a secure environment. The pistol rack will allow you to display your pistols and show them off to other enthusiasts. You can buy a pistol rack off the shelf, but it’s not especially difficult to build your own. It can also be a great deal more satisfying. All you need is some basic tools and a little time.

Step 1 - Cutting Wood

To make a pistol rack that holds six pistols, use your table saw to cut the oak board in the following way: two pieces of 15 ½ inches by 7 inches in size to make the base of the pistol rack, and one piece of 15 ½ inches by 5 inches in size for the barrel support.

Now, take your jigsaw. You need to make six “U” shaped cuts of 1 ½ inches in depth on the 5 inch piece of wood. The cuts should be evenly spaced. Line the 5 inch piece up against a 7 inch piece of wood and mark six "U" shaped cuts that will match those on the 5 inch piece. These cuts should be 3 ½ inches deep.

Step 2 - Glue

Glue the two 7 inch sections together and clamp them. The piece that has the cuts should be on top and lying flat. Give the two pieces ample time to dry.

Now, glue the 5 inch section to the back of the two 7 inch pieces so that it stands vertically. Clamp in place and allow to dry. Once the glue has dried, hammer in small nails to strengthen the join between the pieces of wood.

Step 3 - Sanding and Staining

You’ve now assembled your pistol rack and can concentrate on the overall appearance. Start by sanding the pistol rack with P80 grit sandpaper before wiping with a tack cloth to remove all the sawdust. Sand again with a finer sandpaper (P240 grit) and wipe again with a tack cloth to ensure all the sawdust is gone.

Choose the color of stain you want to use on the pistol rack and apply it with a paintbrush. After 5 minutes, wipe off any excess with a clean cloth, then give the pistol rack ample time to dry.

To protect the wood, you’ll need to use a polyurethane coating over the stain. Apply the first coat, then give it half an hour to dry before applying the second. You should put a total of three coats on the pistol rack to fully seal the wood.

To finish the pistol rack and protect the pistol buts, cut six pieces of felt of 3 ½ inches in size in a “U” shape. Check that they fit the cuts you made on the base of your pistol rack and then glue them in place. Your rack is now ready to display your pistol collection.