Gunite Pool vs Vinyl Liner Pool

Ask other pool owners, and the pool professionals for their opinion on whether get a gunite pool or one with a vinyl liner. Each has its plusses and minuses.

Features of each

There are differences between the two types to consider. Each is well suited for any pool.

  • A gunite pool is made of cement mixed with sand or gravel. It is sprayed onto the surface of your pool, over steel mesh for durability. Gunite pool is a good choice for southern areas. It will last around 20 years.
  • Vinyl or, Polyvinyl Chloride is plastic that placed over the form of a pool. This is good for other regions that get below freezing in the winter. Vinyl liners life span is around 10 years.

Compare Cost and Features

The average cost for a 16'x32'pool with a vinyl liner and steel walls is around $17,000. The same size constructed with the gunite pool interior will cost around $37,000.

There are some disadvantages to both. If you live in an area where it freezes in the winter, gunite pools may not be the best choice. Freezing and expanding will stress the concrete mixture and cause cracks, which can be a major cause of concern. So the region in which you live and how you close the pool at the end of the year should be primary considerations when making a decision over which type of pool to have.