A gusset is used to help strengthen a triangular or trapezoidal metal or wood joint. The most common use for a gusset is on wood trusses. The gusset and trusses have been used for centuries, however in the modern world the trusses are constructed on site using gussets for support.

In the early 1950’s in Florida, an inventor experimented with plywood gusset plates and various combinations of items such as glue, staples, and nails. This led to the metal plate connected wood truss being born. Still today, the gusset and trusses are used to build homes and are a vital part of the framework.

Why the Gusset is Important

In some cases trusses fail and the whole roof system will fail. In these rare situations the trusses are blamed most of the time. Usually this is due to improper design or improper support. This is why the gusset is so important in building, it allows for the joints to be strengthened further then they normally would be. This helps prevent trusses from failing.