Gutter Cleaning: Gutter Scoop Pros and Cons

hand scooping leaves out of roof gutter with tool

Gutter cleaning twice a year is an essential investment in home maintenance, which protects the foundation, siding, doors and windows. Gutter guards protect the gutters and downspouts from blockage, but do not eliminate the potential completely. There are several options to clean out the gutters. It is wise to begin by scooping out the larger debris. A gutter scoop is one option.

Advantages of Using a Gutter Scoop

A wide variety of commercial gutter scoops are available to fit any size gutter. They are easy to handle, allowing you to remove small and large amounts of debris with one movement. They are easy to clean and store. You may also choose to make a very inexpensive scoop from an empty, plastic laundry soap container or any plastic container with a handle that you can cut to size.

Disadvantages of Using a Gutter Scoop

The major disadvantage is the need to go up and down the ladder to dispose of the debris, and the need to move the ladder along the gutter to collect the debris. There is a chance you may cause damage if you lean the ladder on the gutter itself.

Depending upon your skills, you may find it best to engage the services of a professional for this task.