Gutter Cleaning: How to Remove Gutter Streaks

When you are doing regular gutter cleaning, you may notice unattractive streaks in and around your gutters. These streaks are usually either rust, mold or simple discoloration It is easy to get rid of those ugly stains. As you work, take care to stay away from trees and power lines, and have someone steady your ladder.

Preliminary Gutter Cleaning 

Remove any twigs, leafs and other debris that are inside the gutters. Check for damage and try to determine what has caused it.

Gutter Cleaning Supplies

Buy some supplies that you will need. For an example: face mask, gloves, stiff bristle bush and cleaning solution. For the cleaning solution you can use an oven cleaner, gutter cleaner or baking soda.

Set Up

Wet ground and plants below, then cover with drop cloth. Also wet sides of the house.


Apply cleaners as the instructions say, then scrub. After scrubbing, wash the gutters down and same with the house. If you missed a spot, repeat this step.

Clean Up

Wash down the grass and walls once more.

A simple process that is surprisingly easy enough for anyone to do.