Gutter Helmet Basics

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A gutter helmet is a hood that fits over your gutter to prevent leaves and debris from accumulating in the gutter and blocking water flow. A gutter helmet should be designed to block solids from entering while allowing water to pass through. To get the best results make sure you purchase a gutter helmet that is compatible with your roof and your gutter type.

Gutter Helmets Types

Screen gutter helmets allow water to pass through while blocking larger debris in. More solid types of gutter helmets are available that keep the entire gutter free of debris, but they may also prevent water from entering the gutter. A common problem with gutter helmets is the buildup of leaves and debris behind the gutter hood. While a gutter helmet will save you the trouble of climbing up on the roof to clear the gutter after every storm, sooner or later you may still have to climb a ladder to clear out the debris that builds up between the gutter and the shingles.

It is very important that you keep your gutters clean of debris. Clogged gutters disrupt the flow of rain water and melted snow from the roof of your home to a safe place off to the side. When that happens, water will overflow from the gutter system and land in places where you do not want it to go. A disrupted gutter system can cause damage to not only the roof, but also the foundation of your home.

Gutter Helmet Installation

Installing your own gutter helmet can be as simple as simply snapping some parts into place or complicated enough to require the help of a professional handyman. Some gutter helmet options are capable of simply being snapped on or snapped in, while others require a more lengthy installation process.