Gutter Leak Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Any homeowner can repair leaks in the gutters in a few simple steps. Here are a few examples of mistakes that should be avoided in your gutter leak repair project.

Inadequate Downspouts

When you repair your gutters, make sure you also repair the downspouts properly. Common leak and water intrusion problems are caused when the water does not adequately flow from the downspout away from the house. Make sure your downspout (if on the ground) has a long enough run to support moving the water way from the house. Do not allow downspouts to drop water onto another lower roofline.

Sloppy Repair Work

Often when homeowners replace a piece of gutter, they forget that you need to properly join the old section to the new sections. Do not allow the corners of your gutter system to stay unattached. Always make sure the two pieces create a seam that is secure and leak resistant.

Forgetting to Remove Blockages

Common leaking is caused when standing water sits in the gutter system or downspouts. Always make sure you snake out any blockages in the gutter and in the downspouts. Standing water, besides causing erosion in your gutter system will also be a haven for pesky mosquitos.