Gutter Wedge Installation: 3 Tips

There are different types of gutter wedge, but they all serve the same purpose. In order to get the best out of your installation consider these 3 things you should know about gutter wedges.

1. Drop-in Wedges Don't Require Tools

Most types of wedges require some sort of tools to put them in. However, if you’re dealing with drop-in wedges you do not require any tools for proper installation. Simply put it in the gutter and fit it in place. A known drop-in type is the foam wedge.

2. Choosing the Right Length is Easy

The length of wedges depends on the length of the actual gutter they will be supporting. A good tip for those trying to choose the right wedge length is to measure the length of the actual gutter. Use this number to choose between available wedges. They are normally 4 to 6 inches long. Manufacturers will have models ranging between these numbers.

3. Use Foam Types for an Easy Installation

A foam wedge is very easy to install. You can cut it with a utility knife and position it in place by hand. Since it’s held by compression it will never come loose. It will fit under any type of hangers as well. The water flows through and the debris gets left behind. Foam is easy to clean and can be done by anyone—you can just spray it down with a hose. However, don’t use foam types if you’re living in an area with snowfall. Cold weather can freeze the foam gutter wedge and trap the ice inside, creating problems and clogging up the gutters.