Gypsum Board Installation Process on a Wall

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Installing a gypsum board wall in your home allows you to give it an excellent finish. Gypsum board is called a number of different things depending upon the materials used in it, so you may also see it called drywall, plasterboard, or sheetrock. It is used very regularly in construction, as it is available across the country, easy to install, and can take a good covering of paint or wallpaper.

If you have a layer of drywall with gypsum upon it, you have a suitable finish for your wall, and a backboard to give it good solid support. The sheetrock wall can be screwed into the wall very simply, and with a gypsum board wall, you can do this in a few hours, or as little time as it takes to get the wall into position.

Measuring the Gypsum Board Wall

To correctly install the gypsum board, you will need to carefully measure and cut the board. Measure the board using a regular tape measure, taking care to calculate the lengths of both the middle and each side of the board. You should also begin with a straight edge, perhaps at the bottom, which will allow you to cut the board correctly. The board should then be cut with a craft knife two-thirds of the way through the board, and then the gypsum should be broken off by breaking the material along with the board.

Frame the Gypsum Board Wall

Before you begin installing your board, you need to make sure that it is hanging properly. Take a drywall rasp, or similar filing device, and trim the ragged edges made by breaking the gypsum. You will then have a straighter edge on your board. Prop it up in the area you wish to place the board. Using a plumb or similar level, place the first nail into the wall. You will also need to add some short studs to the board in order to give you some grip. Your edges should not be more than an eighth of an inch out of alignment with the stud walls. Keep the board plumb and spaced according to the building code.

Fixing the Gypsum Board Wall

Once you are ready, you can fix the gypsum board in place. Do this using screws, rather than nails. The gypsum board wall can be nailed to the interior frame by using either single or double nailing methods. If you wish to perform a double nail fitting, apply one layer of nails every 12 inches, and then add a second layer which is 2 and a half inches from the first set of nails.

Press your hand against the board in order to keep it firmly in place. You should also be able to use a fixative glue along the surface of the board, which will reduce the number of nails you need to put into the board. You may need to add a plastic anchor to your wall before adding the screw, as this will give it extra grip. Use a coarse head for the wooden board, and a fine head for metal frames.