Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster was named after a large deposit in Paris. Gypsum plaster is therefore also commonly known as the Plaster of Paris. The plaster is very unique as it hardens after being mixed with water and drying. Gypsum plaster has a wide range of uses from law enforcement and doctors, to making crafts. With a few simple supplies you can make your own Gypsum Plaster.

How to Make Gypsum Plaster

Measure out the ingredients you will need. Usually the ratio for water to plaster is 1 to 2.

The best way to measure out the amount of plaster is to pour the water into the mold and measure it out in cups.

In a plastic bowl you’ll want to mix the Gypsum plaster and the water until it’s completely smooth.

Fill your mold with the mixture. Make sure to use all of the mixture as it can’t be saved.

After the mold has hardened you’ll want to loosen the edges to let the plaster gently come out.