Half-Round Rain Gutter Systems: Pros and Cons

There are several rain gutter systems available to home owners. The most prevalent and familiar kind is the K-style, or ogee gutter, with a front that is somewhat similar to crown molding. It is the type that is seamlessly fabricated on site from rolled aluminum. Another option is half-round gutters, which are most common on homes built before 1950.


Half-round gutters are becoming popular again for those who are restoring an older house and with new house construction for a more prestigious look. They are available in aluminum, galvanized steel and copper, come in diameters of 5, 6 and 8 inches, and are attached by shanks and half circles.

The Bottom Line

The biggest obstacle for homeowners wanting half-round gutters is simple: they cost much more. Also, galvanized gutters need to be painted frequently, or it will rust. Also, the aluminum will have seams which might leak and will expand and contract. On the plus side, half round gutters do present a more stately look. Advocates say they have a more efficient shape for moving water. They are available in larger sizes. Copper half-round gutters are much stronger and have wonderful patinas as they oxidize.