Hand Blenders vs. Hand Mixers

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A hand blender is a useful tool to have in your kitchen, but you do not want to confuse it with a hand mixer. These two tools have different uses. Hand mixers are used by casual bakers, often those who do not bake all the time or in large quantities. A hand blender, however, is used by both serious and casual cooks.

Hand Blenders

Mechanics- A hand blender is a long, cylindrical device that usually comes with several steel blades. This long body allows the cook to immerse the blender directly into a pot or bowl and puree the contents. This function has led to the blender being called an immersion blender. You can easily puree soups, mix mayonnaise, prepare smoothies, and more.

A hand blender works because a powerful motor controls the rotary blade. This motor can be set for different strengths, allowing you to choose how pureed you want your substance to be. The longer and harder the blade is run, the smoother your creation will be. By taking apart this machine, you can easily clean it in a few steps.

Uses- Some blenders come with attachments that allow you to chop herbs, nuts, and garlic. Others will whip cream, egg whites, and pudding. Some come with a juicing jar; with this as an attachment, you will be able to have fresh juice every day. With so many other uses, such an attachment is cheaper than buying a separate juicer.

Hand Mixers

Mechanics- A mixer has two beaters that help prepare dough for baking. Sometimes a hand mixer can be used in the same way as a blender. A hand mixer is useful when a hand blender is not. Like the blender, there are several attachments you can purchase to be used with the mixer. These attachments allow you to expand the use of your mixer, but it is still not as versatile as a blender. Hand mixers are usually used when baking.

Uses- Mixers, like blenders, work well for whipping cream, egg whites, and pudding. Although it does not have as many uses as a hand blender, you cannot use a hand blender for mixing dough. You do not want to chop the ingredients in your dough. A blender will also not mix in as much air as dough requires.

Any cook would do well to have both of these tools in their kitchen because they serve different purposes. To learn more about what your specific kitchen blender and mixer can do and how to use these devices, you should read their manuals.