Hand Knotted Rugs: Helpful Tips

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  • 12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75
What You'll Need
Knotted rug kit

Rugs are an essential part of any interior decorating plan. A do-it-yourself home decorator can use rugs to tie together the design theme. Rug choice can affect not only the color, texture, and angles of the decorating theme but also the overall feel of the decorating design. Instead of buying a rug, you can make your own. Read on for more advice.

Making a hand-knotted rug is a wonderful craft project that many of us remember from childhood and from camp projects. While we may be older now, weaving hand-knotted rugs can still be a rewarding and enjoyable project that we not only enjoy for ourselves but can teach the younger generation.

Choosing a Pattern

You can find hand-knotted rug project kits at almost any craft store and even at some discount stores. For many individuals, using a kit is the best way to start a knotted rug project, particularly if they do not want to invest a great deal of money in supplies like looms and other items. Kits are also great for novices at hand-knotting since they provide exact instructions, yarn, and patterns to follow.

Setting Up

Once you have chosen a pattern and a project kit, then you are ready to begin setting up your hand-knotting rug project. Make sure that you have all of the items that are listed in the project instructions. Most kits include everything you will need, except scissors.

Dedicate Time

Some small and simple knotted rug projects can be finished in a mere afternoon, but a larger and more complicated project will likely take you at least several afternoons to complete the project. Instead of trying to complete your project alone, ask several friends or a few kids to join in the fun, and use work time to talk and visit with each other.