Hand-Hooked vs. Hand-Knotted Area Rugs

Due to the labor and skill involved in creating hand knotted area rugs they are considered more valuable than hand hooked rugs.

Hand Knotted Area Rugs

Hand-knotting is perhaps the most laborious method of weaving a rug. The reason lies in the complex manner in which each knot has to be created and as a result, hand-knotted area rugs are generally very expensive. The number of knots that are tied in a square inch varies across every hand knotted area rug, thus making each such rug an exclusive item.

Hand Hooked Area Rugs

Hand-hooked area rugs are also called hand-tufted rugs and are less expensive than the hand knotted area rugs. The difference in price is due to the much easier method that is used to create hand hooked area rugs. These rugs are also called just hooked or tufted rugs and have a construction or weaving method that is practically identical to the making of hand knotted area rugs but there is one important difference that creates the price variation.

Understanding the Difference

In the creation of hand hooked area rugs, a pile is used which is typical to this form of rug weaving. Due to the piled surface being created during the shearing stage, the overall rug-weaving process is faster and less manually straining. Whereas, weaving more elaborate hand knotted area rugs can take up to a year, as the amount of time consumed and the eventual cost is directly proportional to the knot density.