Accessible Bathroom Accessories

handheld showerhead

If you or someone you live with has some physical deficits, accessible accessories can offer great comfort, both in terms of safety and functionality. The design of this bathroom is such that it makes it easier for handicapped or elderly persons to move around without much help from other people.

If your bathroom is not initially designed this way, there is no need for you to make a complete bathroom renovation. You can simply install handicap bathroom accessories in your existing structure to make it fit for use by handicapped individuals. Handicap bathroom accessories are basically things intended for safer and easier use of the bathroom by the elderly and the disabled.

Safety Grab Bar

A safety grab bar is among the cheapest handicap bathroom accessories available. It is also one of the most necessary accessories. Made with long and durable metal, the user can hold on to these bars for support when using the bathroom, allowing for ease of movement. These accessories can be installed near the toilet, the bathtub, and the door.

older hand holding safety bar attached to bathroom wall

Toilet Seat

These toilet seats have a support frame much like that of a grab bar. This equipment allows someone to use standard toilets without much difficulty.

Shower Wheelchair

Wheelchair users will love a shower wheelchair because this handicap bathroom accessory gives them more independence. Unlike the fixed shower chair, the shower wheelchair provides them better mobility around the bathroom.

Bathtub Lift

A handicap bathtub can be a good addition to any bathrooms; however, installing this fixture may require extensive bathroom remodeling and may cost a lot. Instead of installing this fixture in your bathroom, you may want to go for a cheaper alternative, such as a bathtub lift.

A bathtub lift is a piece of equipment very much like a seat that is attached to the sides of the tub. It is often equipped with a hand-controlled mechanism that allows individuals to easily lift or lower it with just a push of a button or lever. Fancy models also offer portability and reclining capability. With this equipment around, disabled and elderly individuals have easier access to the bathtub.

Hand-Held Shower

The regular shower is often difficult to control for the elderly and disabled. A hand-held shower is not. It works like a regular built-in shower, only it can be removed from its fixture.

Heavy Duty Shower Curtain

This works similar to the regular shower curtain, but it is more durable, giving better protection. A heavy duty shower curtain can also resist electrical shock, fire, and harmful bacteria. It is not only a safe option but a more sanitary choice.

Adding handicap bathroom accessories is not enough to give the best comfort to the elderly or disabled. You may need to change and adjust some of the existing bathroom accessories as well. For instance, the sink can be lowered to make it more accessible to a person on a wheelchair. The door may be widened and the hot-and-cold faucet may have to be replaced with a single faucet. Safety is the main consideration.