Handicap Showers and Tubs

Handicap showers aren't just for people in wheelchairs or with physical disabilities. "Roll-in" or walk-in showers are also excellent showers for families with young children or for seniors. Not only do the walk-in or step-in designs allow for easy access, but there is less chance of tripping, falling and slipping while stepping over the tub sides.

What is a Handicap Shower or Tub?

Handicap showers and tubs come in various configurations. Primary features in handicap bathing facilities include grab bars, roll-in access and a self-sealing door that allows for step-in access in handicap tubs. Handicap showers and tubs have hand-held nozzles as well as fixed shower heads to allow for easier bathing. Permanent seating allows the user to sit while bathing.


  • Less slip and fall risk for bathers of any age or physical condition. 
  • Easier access, more bathing independence for seniors, wheelchair users, disabled users.
  • Roomier for larger or overweight bathers.
  • Better resale value when home is sold.


Splash factor and water spray outside the shower area can be an issue if the shower is not properly designed, installed or used. Handicap showers are more expensive than traditional showers or tubs, and because handicap showers and tubs are larger in order to accommodate wheelchairs, they may not fit in smaller bathrooms.