Handicap Toilet Installation for ADA Compliance

Bathroom with toilet, safety bar, and tile walls
  • 2-200 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-10,000

All new, or remodeled, public restrooms must feature at least one handicap toilet, and there are specific requirements that must be met to accommodate handicapped users.

A standard handicapped compartment featuring a toilet must measure at least 60-inches wide to allow for ample space for a wheelchair to maneuver. The length of the area must be large enough to allow a wheelchair to approach the handicap toilet from the side or straight on.

Grab Bars

Handicap-accessible bathroom

Grab bars are an integral part of handicapped bathroom design. These safety mechanisms must be installed horizontally, both directly behind the toilet and beside it on either side. These bars help a disabled people raise and lower themselves from a wheelchair to the toilet, then back into the wheelchair.

Toilet seat heights for handicapped patrons are required to be between 17 and 19-inches from the finished floor. Flush mechanisms must be mounted on the most open and clear side of the toilet. They cannot be placed higher than 44-inches from the floor.