Hands-Free Exit Options For Automatic Gate Systems

Hands-free options for automatic gate systems are a nice luxury, here's some info pertaining to available options. 

Why Do We Need Automatic Gate Systems

It is nice to drive through a nice background of lush green fields back to home. But every time you come near the gate of your boundary, half of your energy gets lost because you have to get down from the car, open the gate, drive inside, stop again and close the door. You face this tedious routine every time you want to leave your house. Have you ever wondered if there is any simpler option which could relieve you from this process?

Yes, there is a solution to this problem and it is the automatic gate system. Either you can operate the gate while in the car, using a remote control, or you can be totally hands free. In the latter option, you do not even have to push a remote control switch. The gate senses the presence of cars in front and the gate opens. An automatic gate system ensures the safety of the residents of the property in a better way.

Hands Free Options For Gate Opening

For hands free system, the following options are there. You could take into account the system that is more feasible for you.

  1. Exit wand: It is an electromagnetic device, which detects any metal body approaching around about 12 feet radius. It allows hands free exit through an automatic gate operator. The wand can be used in residential and commercial places. Sensitivity of the wand can be adjusted according to the need. The power consumption is very less and these wands can be used for both single and double gates.
  2. Sensor loops and loop detectors: These loops comprise of a number of wires buried underneath the road and is connected to circuit which detects any car stopping or passing over it.

The loop detector might work in one of the following ways:

  1. Oscillator: This loop has an oscillator circuit. When a vehicle stops on the loop, the oscillation works partially or totally.  This is not so efficient when slowly moving cars are to be detected.
  2. Fixed drive: This is a fixed frequency oscillator, where car is detected by the fall in voltage.
  3. Ringing coil: This works by the ping of a microprocessor, as a result of which some ringing is generated.

A variety of loop detectors and gate operators are available for you to choose from. One of them will definitely fit to your needs and you will be able to build an automatic gate system of your own choice.