Handy Duct Tape Uses Around the House

Role of duct tape
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What You'll Need
Duct tape
Clean rag
What You'll Need
Duct tape
Clean rag

There are many duct tape uses around the house. It can be used to fix many items in the home and yard. Here are a few common applications for this wonder-product.

1. Vacuum Hose Repair

When the vacuum hose is cracked or leaks, wrap duct tape around the hose to cover up the damaged spot or over the whole area.

2. Photograph Frame Repair

If the foldout leg on the frame has torn away from the frame’s back, secure the leg with duct tape, and applying a piece on both sides will keep it from unsticking. It will stand up again.

3. Repair Shower Curtain

floral shower curtain in a small bathroom

When the shower curtain tears away from the rings, apply duct tape along the edge. Doing it on both sides will also make it much stronger and resilient to make new holes with a paper hole punch.

4. Fix Vacuum Bags

When a hole tears in the vacuum bag, place duct tape over it.

5. Fix Car Window

person in a car with a cracked windshield

Before fixing a car window with duct tape, make sure it is legal to do so in your state or province, especially where it can alter the line of sight while driving. With this detail out of the way, if your car window is cracked, put duct tape over it for a temporary repair.

If the window is almost shattered, it's advisable to remove all the loose and broken pieces first to prevent them from cutting or wounding a passenger in the car. Also, if it is for a rear window, the now existing opening could possibly be covered with heavy plastic and secured to the car with duct tape.

6. Fix Car Fender

colorful rolls of duct tape

With the harsh winters of the northern regions, a lot of cars can be spotted having cracked fenders. This generally happens during the colder days of January and February, when an icy morning or a snowed-in driveway takes over the control of the car and causes it to crash onto the ice-hard snowbank.

Even with the lightest impact, the extremely cold brittle plastic parts can shatter quite easily. A piece of duct tape applied to the surfaces after wiping everything clean, will hold everything in place until you get the body repaired.

7. Fix Beach Chairs

Substitute duct tape for broken or frayed webbing on an aluminum beach chair. Here again, you can apply it to both sides for a stronger and cleaner patch.

These creative uses of duct tape just scratch the surface. The uses of duct tape are practically endless.