Hanging A Garden Bird Bath

Sometimes it seems that there just isn’t room for a garden bird bath because the family takes up so much of the garden. Why not think about a hanging bird bath?

Step 1 – Check the Parts

If you buy a hanging bird bath, it comes with all the fittings necessary and simple instructions. Make sure you have all the parts before you begin.

Step 2 – Choose a Location

Decide on the location. Garden bird baths often hang from a stout branch of a tree. If you choose such a location, make sure the bird bath won't hang where people will walk into it or hit their heads against it.

One of the other problems with hanging a garden bird bath from a tree is that the tree provides animals with easy access to the birds that visit the bath. Probably the safest position for the birds is if you suspend the bath against a wall. If you identify a suitable wall, you can hang your garden bird bath with a wall bracket.

Step 3 – Install the Wall Bracket

Install the wall bracket so that the hanging bird bath will be no less the 3 feet from the ground, and preferably higher. Because of the weight the bracket will carry and the bird bath's swinging, you must secure it tightly against the wall.

Step 4 – Assemble with Suspension Cords

Assemble the garden bird bath and the suspension cords. You will probably find a hook already fitted that you can hang through a prepared point in the wall bracket. Fill the garden bird bath with water.

Step 5 – Prevent Swinging

If you find that you don’t like to see the bird bath swinging in the breeze or scraping against the wall, you can change the way you have hung it. Install two wall brackets about 2 feet apart and at exactly the same height.

Separate the suspension cords into two pairs. Attach each of the pairs to one of the wall brackets. To prevent most of the forward and backward swinging, you need to space the two cords as widely apart as you can without letting the bird bath rest against the wall. Hanging the bird bath this way holds it stable in most mild wind conditions, but it may still swing in high winds.