Hanging Plants From An Outdoor Gazebo


One of the simplest ways to decorate an outdoor gazebo is to use plants. Hanging plants add personality and can be placed inside the gazebo or around the outer edges. Hanging plants may be the focal point or simply a complementary support for some other point of focus. Use these suggestions to help you get ideas for creating your own unique combination of gazebo and hanging plants.

Hanging Plants Inside the Gazebo

Inside an outdoor gazebo, installing hooks along the bottom of the rafters or ceiling joists can create a feeling of lushness by presenting different types of plants at differing heights. To avoid problems as the plants mature, don't include plants such as the spider plant, concentrating on leafy plants with short stems or climbing plants and vines that can travel up the hangers and flourish in the area between the roof and the area used by people. For even more color and style, use hanging planters of different styles and decorations. You may want to take the creative route and design a couple planters of your own.

Hanging Plants Under the Eaves

Around the outer edges of the gazebo is a perfect place for planter plants, especially decorative spider plants. Install brass or chrome hooks along the rafters or beams, or even along the rafter end-cap. As this type of plant matures, it provides a shaded screen, offering natural privacy along with its other benefits. Plants that require a full day of sunlight will appreciate hanging near the edge of the building, and plants that thrive best in limited sunlight or full shade will do better inside the gazebo.

Hanging Plants and Arbors

A hanging planter is a perfect way to complement a gazebo arbor. Hanging plants above and beside a permanent arbor add depth and color. Even a pergola gazebo with wisteria growing profusely would be well matched with flowering plants that bloom after the wisteria season has ended. Used in this way, hanging plants allow you to keep your gazebo looking colorful and attractive throughout the year.

The Variety of Hanging Plants

Unlike permanent plants, hanging plants open up enormous possibilities for variety and color. Many people use hanging planters to grow summer vegetable such as tomatoes, and others create artistic herb gardens in an assortment of  hanging planters. Flowers, fruits and spices are all excellent choices for use in a hanging planter because hanging planters are portable and can be taken out of the weather when conditions are no longer appropriate.

Other Gazebo Plants

In addition to hanging plants and permanent arbors, your gazebo offers ample opportunity to decorate with potted plants. Even bushes and small trees are within reach with large planters. Smaller plants may be better suited for use in a flower planter mounted directly to the outer wall of the gazebo. If your gazebo has a half wall, the flower planter would make a great way to adorn the the upper edge of the wall.